Demandsoft portals

Portals are integrative partial solutions with the aim of optimizing only certain area (processes) within the chain of requirements, expanding them with missing data, information and functions and releasing optimization potential without having to replace an existing, mostly established disposition system.

Demandsoft portals create targeted added value with significantly shorter implementation times, can be individualized and deliver faster results and additional transparency for similar objectives:

  • Cost reduction
  • Time saving
  • Function expansion
  • Process optimization more transparency
  • Fast implementation
  • Competitive advantages

For a high degree of integration, portals are usually provided in a browser-based manner, whenever a user interface is required. Data (information) is provided in a data model serving special requirements that are often linked with existing data structures.

Some examples of portal solutions

as they are already in use by our customers:

PFP – Promo Forecasting & Planning

The promo forecasting and planning portal (PFP) isolates and improves the quality of your promotional business (events). It uses historical information from past campaigns, their effects, impact, and promotional factors (prices, duration, range, quantities, assortment, weather, etc.) and relates it with the current behavior of each item planned for a new promotion. While utilizing forecasting techniques and machine-learning methods, PFP will suggest statistically calculated and optimized extra order quantities for each day of the promotion.

Users can still review, influence, or edit results if necessary. The analyzed and calculated extra quantities (uplifts) can be made available via customizable data exchange services.

ASC – Automated Store Communication

ACS allows the merging of interactive processes between head office and branches (stores). Where today information and inquiries are still communicated in a complex and time-consuming manner by employees, processes are operated and customer-related activities are carried out, ASC allows mostly fully automatic processing. The processing and reservation of store-side customer orders towards the head office (warehouse order), the checking of the availability of an item, quantity coordination, relocations and other complex processes are automated and processed with ASC. Our customers are used to the fact that ASC reduces manual effort by up to 70%.

The type of automated communication can always be expanded and customized depending on the type of business and requirements.

DCM – Data Cleansing & Management

With DCM there are hardly any limits to data preparation. Collected data is cleaned of “noise” to obtain, processed and interpreted information. Self-learning mechanisms examine the data collected and enable completely new views of the current business processes. Whether it is a matter of implementing a dynamic class model, improving forecasts and promotions, increase the service levels, reduce costs or increasing the order quality, DCM optimizes the required data.

About portals

Together with our customers we are used to identify gabs and potential for optimization. Supported by portal solutions we fill the gabs by increasing the quality of data, adding transparency, tracking results and therefore, giving strategic control within any partner program. The requirements are individually tailored and can be expanded depending on the project needs.

At the end of the day, our customers have access to an expandable browser-based portal portfolio, in which enhanced functionality, services and solutions can be continuously added. Often on top of an existing infrastructure, without replacing entire solutions.