PRIME One Central

Replenishment Solutions

for Wholesale

Automated order suggestions

Sustainable stock reduction

Increased availability

Cost optimized

Increased transparency

... in all your Locations!

PRIME One Retail

Automated shelf ordering

for Retail

Increased availability

Intra daily order calculation

Dynamic item classification

Integrated promotional planning

... in all your stores!

Replenishment Solutions

Increased customer satisfaction

Logistic Optimization and Order Impact

Through End-to-End integration services

With automated order methods

Multi-Channel management focus

Logistic, Strategy & Cost

Logistic optimized order methods

Strategic transferring

Multi-Channel management

End-to-End integration

Sub source management

and grouped source ordering

Synchronized day supply management

Automated order splitting

Integrated special order management

Automated replenishment

Process cost optimization

Integrated Replenishment

One solution

Enhanced End-to-End integration

Cost optimization

Cost simulation



Managed by exceptions


for the entire supply chain

Dynamic classification and advanced rule based ordering!

Order optimization >>>

Monitoring demand, service levels, advanced planning!

Planning >>>

Utilizing experience and operating strategically!

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