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In the wholesale and retail business, times are changing with growing rapidity, and constant changes have meantime become par for the course for all involved. Undoubtedly, the same applies to your company too. Processes are becoming increasingly complex, logistical requirements more time-consuming and the optimum management of working capital invested is becoming increasingly important.

We advise and support you at every stage of our cooperation. Together we plan the implementation of the solutions we have developed and ensure their perfect adaptation to the existing system environment. In this way, we ensure the optimum exploitation of your company’s value-added potential right from the start. In addition, you can influence PRIME One’s services at every stage of the project. We will be happy to embrace individual requests and will integrate them into the existing system architecture.

The first step…

Take the first step. We would be more than happy to show you the full breadth of our solutions suite, get to know your individual requirements and business processes and work out with you how these should be integrated into PRIME One. Check out our flexibility, experience and willingness to integrate a solution that is tailored and optimized to your needs for your business processes in a short space of time. We will show you how easy it can be to integrate a complex application quickly and securely.

Maximum flexibility for users, but a standard for your corporate objective!”

PRIME One is standard that breaks from standard practice! We are accustomed to implementing individual requirements and integrating them successfully. And this is still all part of a standard solution!

The ability to keep an existing system constantly up to date and embed updates and upgrades, innovations and additional requirements, without creating isolated applications, is only one of our strengths.

Yet the optimum employment of working capital is one of wholesale and retail companies’ most important management instruments, particularly with regard to aspects decisive for profit. Especially in sectors characterized by low margins, the optimum balance of the economically profitable employment of working capital and optimum service levels is one of the greatest corporate challenges and thus the remit of top management.

Irrespective of how the task is approached, choosing the most efficient procurement solution will decide success or failure in this area. Put another way, choosing the system that best enables the right balance between capital commitment (total goods in stock) and service, and thus optimum product availability, from an economic point of view. If it is true that sales generate revenue, but procurement generates profit, then the selection of the right procurement system is a management task. 

“Together we will work out the differences

In order to be able to meet these new demands flexibly, three key targets must be controlled strategically and manageably:

  • Increase level of stock availability (service level)
  • Reduce operational and logistics costs
  • Reduce working capital

In the wholesale and retail world, the answer has to be sought at the roots, managed using modern solutions and the focus must be on the optimum orientation and constant adjustment of procurement strategies and logistic concepts. Optimum exploitation of conditions, secure investments in industry-relevant offers and a service-oriented synchronization of orders, range of coverage, capital commitment and stock availability are decisive here. Traditional system solutions have long since ceased to be able to meet such demands. State-of-the-art dynamic processes for the economic management of stock availability and procurement will continue to be priority areas in future too, and will thus remain the sole remit of top management!

Our method for optimizing these key variables is our products and our long experience in the development, integration and support of flexible and integrative solutions guarantees that these new orientations can be realized in your company too. Our rule-based methods set the course for your success and ensure that additional value creation potential is tapped and competitive advantages are secured.  We would like to deliver on this promise to you too. Find out how in the following pages.

Give us a challenge!

Let us explain to you in an individual presentation tailored towards your company’s situation how the economic and technological benefits of PRIME One can secure your company that decisive competitive edge.