VIP – Partner programs

In addition to solutions, Demandsoft offers partner programs in which agile optimization is in the foreground. With individually coordinated content and goals – similar to a support agreement – data, business processes and strategies are examined, adapted and continuously expanded for sustainable optimization. In addition, we ensure the transfer of know-how in every phase so that your employees can make full use of process changes.

Continuously improve results

VIP partner programs focus on where there is the greatest need for optimization. With continuous – jointly agreed and planned – activities, potentials are determined, discussed with management and released with agile measures. KPIs (measurement methods) required for this are established and prepared for monitoring in dashboards that have been adapted for management.

The following topics are predestined for VIP partner programs without exchanging systems:

  • Advanced demand management
  • Order quality and optimization
  • Process automation
  • Business projections
  • Monitoring and reducing costs
  • Increasing and securing availability
  • Order tracking and analysis
  • Vendor performance & monitoring
  • Advanced statistics & transparency
  • Management-appropriate reporting

VIP affiliate programs have no limits. The content and focus are always based on the needs for optimizing business processes, but never oblige a rigid procedure. As a rule, new potentials are released which lead to content and optimization goals being regularly adjusted. And this flexibility, accompanied by growing awareness, is the real goal of the VIP partner programs we offer.

“The resulting dynamic is a guarantee for more transparency, better results
and continuous adaptation to the constant change in retail!”