Adjusting automatically to upcoming change

Buyers take on a methodically guided and investment-critical function, as they have a decisive influence on the competitiveness and profitability of retail companies.

Workflow managed by exceptions, for less effort

Buyers are supported in this by automated processes that support a notification-controlled replenishment activities (managed by exceptions), which frees up additional resources for essential and critical replenishment processes, which additionally strengthen and expand the economically optimized availability of goods and thus customer satisfaction.

In addition to the use of notification-controlled processes, we automate communication between the supply chain levels. For example, inquiries from the branches, customer orders, inventory corrections, order tracking or planning between the branches can be largely automated, mostly without human interaction.

Analytical systems – faster & automated

If stocks have to be checked because, for example, an inexplicable decline in sales is measured, check requests are automatically sent from the head office to the branches. For checking and, if necessary, updating. Via automated communication with the help of integrable portals for different processes, the interactive effort in day-to-day business can be reduced by up to 70% – while quality increases at the same time.

This leaves more time to carry out essential, profitable activities within the demand chain. Analytical systems recognize bottlenecks earlier and correct problems usually more quickly and without emotions or “gut feelings”. Which at the same time prevents hasty or panic reactions!